Changes in membership

As some of you may have noticed, prices have been switched over on our website to include a variety of options as well as class packs for those who want to pick and choose the times they come. These are available now for all incoming members. 

- Unlimited contracts are available in 1,3,6 and 12 month increments and are prorated in the same way as our month to month memberships.

- The "3 class a week" option has now been changed to "12 classes a month" which allow members greater flexibility in the using of their class options. The 12 class a month option will be attached to a 3 month commitment. 

- In addition to regular memberships, there are also 5 and 10 class packs that expire within 30 and 60 days respectively. 

All memberships are held by the same cancelation policy. If you wish to cancel your membership, it must be emailed to 30 days in advance of your cancelation. Failure to do so on time will result in an additional change for the next month. In addition, early cancelation "fee" will equal the difference of the membership you had and the one you have. Essentially, if you were in a 12 month contract and canceled after 3 months, you would be charged the difference of 189 and 169 x 3 Months. 

On November 1st, we will be switching over to contract based memberships. While we are not changing the rates for anyone with an existing memberships, we are requiring that in order to keep your existing monthly dues, you must enter into a 6 month contract. Entering into another length contract(including month to month) will result in those dues. If you do not let me know by November 1st, your statement will reflect a month to month membership at the current rate. 

 To facilitate the change so there are no logistical bumps, I will be handling each switch manually. Please email info@crossfitbayonne(don't text, facebook,instagram or tell me in person) to let me know what you would like to do so that I have written records of it. Please do not try and perform the switch on your own. It will 100% not work and would most likely result in you getting charged double on November 1st. If you have any questions or concerns about the change over, please let me know and I will help in whatever way I can. 

CFB Rules: Quick Guide edition.

CFB Rules: Quick Guide edition.

Every now and then, with the excitement that fitness brings and the addition of new members, we sometimes lose track of the little things that make CFB a well oiled, magical place. For reference, these rules will be added to the workout posts for the next week or so as a reminder to get us all back on track. Coaches are, and have been made aware of these standards and instructed and will enforce them. These are simple rules that help maintain a fun environment that is conducive to fitness. Most of it them just center around being conscious of your fellow gym members. 

Everyone must sign up for class. Period. Signing up for class is non negotiable. It's common courtesy to other members who might not want to participate in a crowded class and have the freedom to change their schedule and coaches to anticipate the logistics for the upcoming classes. If you haven't signed up for a class, don't show up to it. The end. 
- Zero tolerance policy on lateness. If class has begun, and you're not a part of the group, whether it's a warm-up lap or warmup talk, you owe 25 burpees. Don't ask if you have to do them because the answer is 100% yes and you're already burning up valuable time to get warm. It's not because we're mean, it's because you're cold and inconsiderate of the rest of your class' time. Just put your stuff down, do 25 burpees and ask the coach how to appropriate jump in the class. If you are more than 5 minutes late from the start of class YOU MAY NOT PARTICIPATE IN CLASS. Ask the class' coach if there is room in the next class and he/she will enroll you. If there is not, try again tomorrow. If it's the last class of the day, try again tomorrow. 
- Class is always first priority in the gym. If there is an ongoing class, there should be no competing activities/noise that would otherwise interfere. If you think it might be distracting, it probably is. Our space is sometimes tight with bigger classes so a little courtesy is sometimes a huge help. 
- "The Michael Macon Rule": You start a class, you finish it. No debates. For weightlifters: anyone found not finishing their accessory work will be asked to not participate. Zero warnings. 

Part 2: Class flow.
Understanding work flow is an important part of having success in the class in both the day and long term in the gym. The hour that you spend in our gym is one that is chalk full of activity. It would be considered a "jam packed hour" by many other gyms and we successfully manage that by ensuring everyone is on the same page about pacing  and expectations within class. That said, it's easy to fall off that pace if there are distractions. Get ready for more rules. 

- Be ready for class before class starts. If you were mobilizing or messing around with something before class, and you don't require it for the warm-up, that object goes back in its' spot. Shoes are on, tied and ready to go. If the warm-up requires no shoes, have them ready to switch and put them on while the workout is being explained. If you're not "ready" you're "late." See lateness policy above. 
- Injuries, limitations and  adjustments to workouts must be made known to the class' coach PRIOR to working out. 
- All individuals in class are to be present for all whiteboard breakdowns.
Warm-up, strength and conditioning explanations. 
- Phones must be off the floor, on silent, and out of reach(in a bag) for the entirety of class. If you need to have your phone near you for a particular reason, talk to the class' coach and it will be at his/her discretion. Needing a calculator is not an excuse for keeping your phone on you. Come to class prepared with known percentages. 
-  Your workout partner should be someone that you can work and communicate with to get work done efficiently. Squat with someone the same height as you, snatch and clean with someone who is similarly skilled to you, and partner up for workouts with someone who's on the same fitness level as you. 
- Equipment must be left out until the last person(s) has completed the workout. 
- Cheering, screaming, daps, pounds are strongly encouraged. Everyone has their own preferences for post workout interactions but no one turns down a five. 
- See someone you don't know in class? Introduce yourself. The longer you go without doing it, the weirder it is when you finally do it.

The picture chosen for this post is a reminder that in being a part of Crossfit Bayonne, we are all a piece of a greater community. These rules are meant to serve as a method of making our classes continuously fun and engaging while simultaneously setting expectations that allows coaches to conduct class productively. When we work with the community in mind, it gives members a more enjoyable experience and let's coaches do their work more thoroughly instead of managing logistics. In the event that there are individual(s) who continue to disregard these rules, I will do what is necessary to preserve the culture of the gym. 

What to Expect in 2017

What to Expect in 2017

The New Year is here! Like many of you, we at Crossfit Bayonne take the holiday season to reflect on ourselves and plan ahead to achieve greater success in the coming year. Since our opening day in 2013, our mission has been to provide the city of Bayonne health and fitness. As we grow as an organization, we continue to learn about ourselves as an entity, and the city we serve. The mission always remains the same but HOW we deliver it is ever changing. Below are two new class types we have added to our schedule. 

Bayonne Weightlifting Club
      Since our inception, our primary medium of delivering fitness has been through barbell strength. Many of you have found a great appreciation for the sport of weightlifting and have expressed interest in continuing further with it. Bayonne WL Club is an opportunity for that. We have teamed up with head coach of Delta Weightlifting, Don Ricci to provide 2 days of barbell skill work that integrate with our regular Crossfit classes. Don has been working with Justin for over two years, preparing him for various weightlifting competitions on a local and national level.  Programming will be a joint effort between he and Don to provide the best possible strategy for improving participants of the club. 

      For those just starting their fitness journey, the barbell can be an intimidating object. We think it's one of the best ways to achieve a great level of fitness BUT that doesn't mean it's use is the only way. Introducing our brand new Bootcamp series. We've taken the same intense, fast paced workouts provided in our Crossfit classes, kept the meticulous coaching, and removed the barbell. It's the perfect way to get acquainted with core Crossfit movements, develop body awareness and strength through light weight plyometrics and calisthenics, and get that same high intensity rush from our regular workouts. These classes are great for beginners looking to get into Crossfit and for those advanced members looking to develop a better cardiovascular capacity in a Crossfit WOD.

But what does it all mean?
      The addition of two new classes means a few things for our community. With the addition of the new classes we will now have better balance in our Crossfit (which will be reflected in our classes). While there will still be weightlifting in the regular WOD, there will be more room for developing capacity in other disciplines while still keeping dedicated time for Snatch/ Clean and Jerk.  For those looking to add extra workouts in their training week OR mix up the type of classes they take, we've got you covered. Now there's more ways than ever to not only obtain a high level of fitness, but customize it to your preferences.  Unlimited members can participate in as many classes as they would like, carte blanche while 3x/week members can mix and match based on their preference(each class still reduces weekly amount by 1). Not only are both of these class types available to existing members, anyone looking for Bootcamp ONLY membership has the ability to join in that capacity.

Questions regarding our new classes or programs? please send us an email at or leave a comment below! Here's to a strong 2017!!