The New Year is here! Like many of you, we at Crossfit Bayonne take the holiday season to reflect on ourselves and plan ahead to achieve greater success in the coming year. Since our opening day in 2013, our mission has been to provide the city of Bayonne health and fitness. As we grow as an organization, we continue to learn about ourselves as an entity, and the city we serve. The mission always remains the same but HOW we deliver it is ever changing. Below are two new class types we have added to our schedule. 

Bayonne Weightlifting Club
      Since our inception, our primary medium of delivering fitness has been through barbell strength. Many of you have found a great appreciation for the sport of weightlifting and have expressed interest in continuing further with it. Bayonne WL Club is an opportunity for that. We have teamed up with head coach of Delta Weightlifting, Don Ricci to provide 2 days of barbell skill work that integrate with our regular Crossfit classes. Don has been working with Justin for over two years, preparing him for various weightlifting competitions on a local and national level.  Programming will be a joint effort between he and Don to provide the best possible strategy for improving participants of the club. 

      For those just starting their fitness journey, the barbell can be an intimidating object. We think it's one of the best ways to achieve a great level of fitness BUT that doesn't mean it's use is the only way. Introducing our brand new Bootcamp series. We've taken the same intense, fast paced workouts provided in our Crossfit classes, kept the meticulous coaching, and removed the barbell. It's the perfect way to get acquainted with core Crossfit movements, develop body awareness and strength through light weight plyometrics and calisthenics, and get that same high intensity rush from our regular workouts. These classes are great for beginners looking to get into Crossfit and for those advanced members looking to develop a better cardiovascular capacity in a Crossfit WOD.

But what does it all mean?
      The addition of two new classes means a few things for our community. With the addition of the new classes we will now have better balance in our Crossfit (which will be reflected in our classes). While there will still be weightlifting in the regular WOD, there will be more room for developing capacity in other disciplines while still keeping dedicated time for Snatch/ Clean and Jerk.  For those looking to add extra workouts in their training week OR mix up the type of classes they take, we've got you covered. Now there's more ways than ever to not only obtain a high level of fitness, but customize it to your preferences.  Unlimited members can participate in as many classes as they would like, carte blanche while 3x/week members can mix and match based on their preference(each class still reduces weekly amount by 1). Not only are both of these class types available to existing members, anyone looking for Bootcamp ONLY membership has the ability to join in that capacity.

Questions regarding our new classes or programs? please send us an email at or leave a comment below! Here's to a strong 2017!!