The Holiday season has come and gone. It's time to pack up the ornaments, shake off the rust and get ready for a year of fun and fitness in 2018! Last year was full of successes within the gym coupled with opportunities for development. Ahead are some of the goings on within the gym this first quarter. 

RP strength 90 day nutrition challenge
New year, new you, right? There's no better way to kickstart your 2018 fitness goals than pairing your return to CFB with some detailed nutrition counseling by way of Renaissance Periodization. Dependent upon participants,  we will be holding a 90 day nutrition challenge within the gym. This is a great way to keep folks accountable and pushing through those sticking points that we all encounter with dieting. We need a minimum of 15 people to enroll(regardless of template) in order to get the challenge moving. The sooner we sign up, the faster we get it rolling! Folks who sign up through CFB for the challenge get an additional 20 dollars off the challenge.  For more information or to get signed up, speak with Justin(text, email, in person).

The Open: February 22 - march 26th
The first quarter of every year starts with the preparation of the Open. Whether you're tracking yearly fitness or trying to be the best in the gym, the Crossfit Open is the perfect time to check your performance and collect data to plan for next years training. The more gym participation we have in the open, the more of a detailed plan we can create for the following year SO SIGN UP! Registration starts January 11th. 

As a bonus, we will be splitting the gym up into teams for some friendly intra-gym competition. Captains will be assigned and teams will be chosen at random. Individuals competing in both scaled and Rx divisions will be evenly spread on all teams so every rep counts! More details will be discussed as we get closer to February. Get working on those skills! 

Weightlifting Club: Upcoming Meets and The American Open series 2. 
January marks the 1st birthday of Bayonne Weightlifting Club. Since last year, WLC has been one of our most popular classes. The participants of the club have grown tremendously in their technique and strength. As we continue to progress as a club, it is only natural to start to have individuals who want to compete. Our First quarter's focus will be on preparing for the American Open Series 2 in KOP, Pennsylvania. In order to compete at the AOS2, athletes will be required to qualify in advance. We will be using the Liberty Barbell Classic in Philadelphia as an opportunity to reach that qualifying total, as well as just getting some lifting experience on a platform for those who want it. LBBC is an extremely friendly, welcoming group and their meets are run very well. It's great experience for first time lifters.