The Open is over! For many of you, this was your first exposure to the Open and with that came a few big "ah-ha" moments. These workouts not only tested your fitness level, but your skills and strength in the context of what we practice in the gym every day. In addition, you're judged by and ranked against your peers in the gym and people across the state, country, continent and world.  The workouts were tough enough when you DID have the skills, and basically impossible when you didn't.

At the end of these weeks there's nowhere to hide. Not from the coaches, not from your friends in the gym, and not from yourself. You can TRY to, but in reality anyone that's payed attention knows the deal. You can brush it off and say you "didn't try," you "weren't into it" or my personal favorite: you "don't care" but I know that's bullshit and so do you. People that "don't care" don't do Crossfit. They go up the block(pick a direction). It's in our nature to try hard and care about our health. So instead of blowing off your performance, use it as a tool for your growth. 

Allow your performance to give you a chance to look objectively at your progress in the gym. Where did you feel successful? Where did you fall short? Why? And what do you need to work on to make next year more successful?

Starting this week, we are getting back to basics. Over the course of the next 18 weeks, we will be focusing on developing a foundation of squatting, pressing and pulling. We will start by setting testing a series of lifts and hitting benchmark workouts that will be retested at the end of our cycle. What happens between these weeks is up to you. With a combined effort from all our coaches, we have worked to create the most fun, challenging workouts that will get you in the best shape of your life. All you have to do is show up and do the work. Easy, right? Probably not. If you're looking for substantial change. Show up with purpose, plan your workouts ahead of time and take care of your body after. 

I started Crossfit Bayonne because I believe in the incredible changes Crossfit can bring to people's lives. In the last 9 years I have seen "average" people do some not so average things in this community. Your ability to constantly be better than your best is a matter of setting little goals and being relentless in your pursuit to execute the plan that gets you there. 

Week 1 is demanding. Make sure you're hitting ROMwod and eating lots of carbs. If you can get through these next 6 days, you're going to have an awesome 18 weeks. Let's get ready to have some fun.