Since the gym's inception, it has been suggested to me in one time or another, to start writing a blog for the gym. My immediate response had always been "no" and that I simply "didn't have anything to say." But I could never really accurately describe why I didn't find it appropriate until I recently saw a quote from Ben Bruno in response to an individual asking him about being a fitness writer. "Be a coach first and a writer second. "It's WAY easier to just write about what you do all day than sit at home and have to make shit up. Trust me, it's obvious who actually trains people and who just makes shit up." It is that exact sentiment that ultimately drove me to wait on the idea. But times change. A chunk of our original member base have moved on, and new members just aren't exposed to the same boring anecdotes and shitty jokes that the old school guys were. I've censored myself (sort of, not really) and am fortunate enough to be assisted by great coaches to balance out the class workload. So when I do spin yarns, it's for a limited audience. But I believe theres a couple of yarns worth spinning to everyone. So...5 Years and one month after our doors opened...I suppose we can start messing around with this whole blog thing. 

So....What is this garbage I'm reading?
I'm glad you asked. This blog will serve as a resource of information based on either my own(Justin) or my coach's experiences. They will reflect the beliefs and methodology that we put in practice in our facility. They will be things that we cannot speak about during class at length, but believe are either an important part of our gym culture or will help to develop a higher quality of fitness/health. The aim is to get everyone on the same page, open up dialogue about fitness and bring us closer together as a community. Some of this might(probably will....definitely will) be packaged in a way that would be considered... direct...even harsh. But it all comes from a place of love with the desire to make everyone in this community their best selves. 

THIS IS NOT some soft attempt to pump out written excrement like everywhere else on the Internet. It's not for greater followership or to be the next big fitness blog. It will be laden with inappropriate jokes, references regular people will have to google, and tangents. OH LAWD THE TANGENTS. I think only folks who know me well enough and could imagine my annoying voice will really be able to appreciate any of this. And that, dear friends, is all that matters. If one person pulls one useful piece information out of ANY article, it will have been worth the effort.

Posts will get written in with no self imposed time constraints and in no particular order. This is just letting you know that it's going to start soon. So get excited. Mmmk Pumpkin?(name that movie. Hint: top 5 Will Smith movies)