It’s the other most wonderful time of the year. The Crossfit Games season is a few days away and as we get ready for the first workout to be announced Thursday evening, a lot of folks may be wondering why they should sign up for the open or even what it is.

In short, the Crossfit Open is first round of a global competition of fitness where over 5 weeks, a workout will be announced each Thursday, to be completed with a score submitted by Monday using the Crossfit Games website, in an effort to find the fittest man, woman and co-ed team in each region of the world. The Pool of contestants goes from a couple hundred thousand to about 40 in a matter of 5 weeks. Wild, right? Right.

”But wait, I’m in pretty good shape…like I just finished Fran in 7:53…but like…I might not be top 40 in the world. Why would I even bother signing up for this then? Cant I just take my hard earned 20 dollars and spend it on my loving spouse/significant other(sorry).” Yes, it’s true. The vast majority of Crossfitters will never see the Games Stage or even get remotely close. But for those same people, that hasn’t been and won’t be the reason they sign up for The Open. So shut yer yap and take a look at my 4, very sound, very hard to argue reasons why signing up for The Open is for everyone.

1: Celebrating the Crossfit Community.
I am not one for slinging cheese but this is admittedly that. The Crossfit community is one that has changed over the years but its reach in touching peoples lives is undeniable. Creating not only physical changes but mental while giving people a safe place to learn, grow, push boundaries AND all the while making potential life long friends is a pretty sweet deal. These 5 weeks celebrate the larger Crossfit community that was built in garages, parks and pool halls with collapsing floors all across the world.

2: Data! and setting goals for the future.
There is no hiding during the open. Unlike our daily workouts where scaling is very commonplace, the competition setting of The Open workouts creates a pretty hard drawn line for those looking to test their fitness. Those tests give valuable feedback that allow us (coaches) and you (you, probably a member, maybe a human reading this off of facebook, hi) valuable feedback and data about what’s been going right and what' needs work on your fitness game. With that information we begin the process of slowly planning the upcoming months and year leading to the next Crossfit Open (circle of life). Since Crossfit is both fitness methodology and seasonal sport, what better way to SEE how good the methodology is than to test it against the sport of fitness? AMIRIGHTORAMIRIGHT??

3: Data for you too. So you can appreciate where you’ve come from and where you are.
As you may already know, fitness does not come easy and it most certainly doesn’t come overnight. I have been logging my Crossfit Games workouts with the CFG website since 2012. These leaderboards still exist now and many workouts have been repeated over there(typically 1 per year from a previous games season). Though my fitness has changed over the years, its interesting to look back and see what workouts I excelled in and which gave me trouble and how that has shifted as may fitness and strength levels have changed. It gives you some much needed perspective on what is otherwise a long fitness journey and a level of appreciation for how much you grow from year to year(sometimes without even realizing).

4: Get out there and mix it up with randoms.
Comfort creates complacency creates stagnation creates shitty fitness. - Eli Whitney
Everyone has their favorite class, favorite pull-up bar, workout partner, spot on the floor where they lift etc etc etc… These 5 weeks provide and opportunity to jump in to a different atmosphere with people who are NOT your workout partners or regular classmates. The end result is usually improvement: for the short term or long. The “gamers'“ will find themselves pushing harder and potentially reaching personal bests in times and lifts that were otherwise unreachable. Folks who are humbled by the fitness level of their competition then have a refocused purpose on the “why” for their gym experience and are made all the better. Win, win, win.

That’s all folks. Stay tuned to how we’re going to arrange our Friday Night Lights for the next 5 weeks. If you have any additional questions regarding The Open, Crossfit Games or fitness in general, grab your nearest coach and give them a shout.