With the first Open workout just a day away from being announced, there is a bit of mystery surrounding how this year will be implemented. With the recent shift in Crossfit HQ’s social media presence about health and fitness for all levels and less about high performing athletes, and many well known names from Crossfit HQ associated with The Games being let go from the company, I’m curious how the next five weeks will be approached. This is also the last games season that will begin in February. Going forward, the Games season will begin towards the end of the calendar year. That means there will be two Crossfit Opens this year. Possibly. With all this transition in the execution of The Games I thought it would be a good time to do a little bit of our own transition, in house.

- Each Open workout will be the Workout of the Day for every class on Friday. This does not mean you need to sign up in order to perform the workout. You can still do the WOD and not be judged. Totally fine and actually encouraged.
- Morning Classes will be scheduled as normal and be performing the Open workouts, just as in previous years.
- For all morning classes, I am leaving it to the coach's discretion as to how he will handle the structure and judging of the workouts. That means that it will not necessarily be done in a mini heat format within the class. The priority will continue to be to run an effective class with structure, appropriate warm-ups focused on the entire group, not just the people signed up for the open.
- We will Open at 5:30pm for people to warm up and get loose/ sign up for heats.
- Between the hours of 6 and 8pm we will run heats of varied sizes based on what sort of workout is presented.
- You do not need to be signed up for the open to workout between those hours. You can absolutely just show up and throw down because you like the atmosphere.
- We will also not be running repeat workouts on Saturday, Sunday or Monday. It’s a one and done situation.

My logic for these rules are simple. I believe a well structured competition brings out the best in people. If I allowed everyone to be comfortable in this setting I would be doing you an injustice and stripping you of an opportunity to really throw down. In a legitimate competition, we don’t get second chances and we don’t get to choose the venue. With all that said, I don’t feel like these are rules that will hamstring anyone from performing well. It’s an opportunity to rise to the occasion, show up and blow up. I hope you’re as excited as I am about it.

See you Friday night