Announcements: Got tight Quads or a stiff upper back? This Sunday from 10am-12pm: Sandra will be giving 15-30 minute massages to those interested in getting supple. Prices and schedule will be up on Frontdesk in the next couple of days. This is by appointment only and anyone interested must prepay through front desk. 

Partner Warm-up
3 Rounds per person
Partner 1:
15 Weighted Sit-up (pick a bumper plate)
20 Russian Twist(alternating)
Partner 2:
Plank hold
R1: Neutral
R2: Left
R3 Right

Every 2 Minutes for 5 Rounds
1-4: 5 bench press @ 85% of 5 RM
5: ME Bench Press @ 85% of 5RM
add 5# from last bench

5 Minutes to find:
20 Rep Max Reverse Grip Bent Over Row
Rest 90 seconds
20 reps in as few sets as possible @ 100% of 20 Rep Max

20 Minute AMRAP
30 Double Under
3 Hang Power Snatch (choose weight)
10 Box Jumps (24/20)
3 Muscle Up