Announcements: Got tight Quads or a stiff upper back? This Sunday from 10am-12pm: Sandra will be giving 15-30 minute massages to those interested in getting supple. Prices and schedule will be up on Frontdesk in the next couple of days. This is by appointment only and anyone interested must prepay through front desk. 

4 Minute AMRAP

Truffle shuffle
10 Minutes to find
30 Foot Overhead Walking Lunge AHAP

Every 2 Minutes for 5 Rounds
1-4: 5 Squat @ 80% of 5 RM
5: ME Squat @ 80% of 5RM
add 10 pounds to last week

Karen....ish: 12 Minute Cap
150 Wall-balls (20/14)
Everyone has 4 attempts to finish 150 wall balls. 
Rest 90 seconds between attempts
If there are remaining reps left after the 4 sets, count each as a penalty. Penalty will be assessed after class. 

Jumping Lunge (alternating)
Toes to bar
10 Minute Cap