The majority of Crossfit gyms will perform a variation of the "12 days of Christmas" today. Every time i see i just think "that looks too easy." So I fixed it. Merry Christmas. I love you all.

10 Minutes to warm up to
3 rep max box jump

15 Minutes to work up to
5 Rep Max Deadlift

"The 12 Days of Christmas: CFB Edition"

12 Clean (squat) and Jerk (70% of max)
11 Strict Pull-Ups (sub box assisted pull-ups)
10 Wall Balls (20/14)
9 KB front rack lunge (each side) (24/16kg)
8 Ball Slams (35/25)
7 Toes to bar
6 Plyo Push-Up
5 Bar facing Burpees
4 Front Squat (same as CJ weight)
3 Wall Walks (no sliding down the wall)
2 Deadlift (90% of 5 Rep Max)
1 Box Jump (90% of 3 Rep Max)