- We're Back! Get ready for a great 2017. The schedule has been changed so be sure to check it out (and sign up for class) on FrontDesk. 
- Weightlifting Club starts tonight. Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm. 
- Bootcamp starts tomorrow night! Monday and Wednesday at 7pm and Friday at 6pm. 
- Monday, January 9th, 9:30am class begins. Prepare yourselves

5 Minute AMRAP
100 Meter Run
5 Burpees
10 Air Squats

EMOM for 10 Minutes: Toes to Bar
Round 1: Choose a set of reps that can be done smoothly, unbroken and consistently within 15-20 seconds. 
Rounds 2-9: x Toes to bar
Round 10: ME toes to bar

Work up to 5 rep max Back Squat
10 reps at 80% of heaviest set

11 minute AMRAP
15 Wall Balls (unbroken)
15 ball slams
15 Russian Swings