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400 Meter Run w/ medball
400 meter Run w/o Medball
Every Minute for 12 Minutes
Min 1: 1+3+5 Chin-up negative(slow)+strict Chin-up+Kipping chin-up(sub 7 Supinated Ring Rows(30X0)
Min 2: 45 second plank hold (elbows and toes)
Min 3: 1+2+3(HS push-up negative+ strict HSPU+ Kipping HSPU) (sub 5 Pike Push-ups (30X0)

10 Minutes to find
10 Rep Max Bench Press
1xME @ 90%
2xME @ 80% 

Partner WOD! 
Partner 1: 400 Meter Run
Partner 2: AMRAP of
12 Calorie row
5 Ring Muscle-Up (sub 7 deficit push-up+7 pull-ups)

Accessory: On your own
3x12 Dumbbell Floor Press (2020)
2x ME single Arm Hang