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Hang Snatch Warm-Up(power Position)

Skill: Cycling Hang Power Snatches

10 Minutes to warm up to..
1+1 Hang Power Snatch(PP)+ Hang Snatch(PP)
Every 90 seconds for 5 Rounds
1+2 @ 85% of 1+1

5 Rounds
7 Hang Snatch (60% of 1+1)
10 Ball Slam
30 Double Unders
100 Ft sandbag carry

Accessory: On your own
4x8 Mid, supinated grip bent over row(work up to a challenging set of 8 THEN do the sets)

Weightlifting Club
Every 2 Minutes for 5 Sets
5+1 Everett Clean Pull+ Hang Power Clean(above the knee) 60% of 1RM Clean

Every 2:30 for 5 Sets
3+3 @ 70% of Clean
Hang Power Clean(3 sec descent per rep, 3 sec pause in receiving position)+ Front Squat

Every 2:30 for 4 Rounds
4 Segmented Clean Deadlift(2 inches, knee, mid thigh) (80%)

Do the accessory work for the day.