- This Saturday's classes will be 8am-9am only. Schedule your weekend appropriately. 

Additional announcement
- From this point on: All purchases from the fridge need to be paid for at the moment you take said item. No exceptions. Anyone caught taking stuff without paying will be asked to leave. No debates. This should go without saying but stealing will never be an acceptable part of our gym culture. 

3 Rounds
10 Strict toes through Rings(2 second lower)
8 Goblet Cossack Squat (KB) each side
6 Burpee+ tall Jump at top
100 Meter Run

Bonus Warmth
1 set
AMRAP of... Wall Balls

10 Rep Max Back Squat (go for your heaviest set of 10 yet)
2xME @ 90%
2xME @ 80%

Conditioning: Partner Style! 
5 Minute AMRAP: You go, I go. 
100 Meter Sprint
Rest 5 Minutes
5 Minute AMRAP: You go, I go
150 Meter Row

Dumbbell Step-ups(30X0)

Weightlifting Club
E2MOM for 5 Rounds
4+2 Everett Clean Pulls+ Hang Power Clean (63%)

E2.5MOM for 4 Rounds
3 Hang Power Cleans (3 sec descent+3 sec pause in receiving position) (75%)

E2.5MOM for 5 Rounds
2 Cleans+ 2 Front Squats  (80%)

E2.5MOM for 4 Rounds
3 Segmented Clean Pulls  (85%)