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- Yes, we are having class on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Swole Saturday. Check the schedule for more details. SIGN UP IN ADVANCE. 

3 Rounds
200 Meter Run
5+5 Scap Pull-Up+ Kips
10 Single Leg Deadlift (per side)
30 second Plank

Extra Warm
2 Minute AMRAP
Abmat sit-ups

Every 1:30 for 10 Rounds
Odd: 5 Deadlift @ 100% of 10RM(use most recent 10RM)
Even: Strict Chin ups (pick a number that you can maintain consistently) Sub: 1+2 ME Chin over bar holds+ Chin up negatives(slow as possible)

Partner WOD
16 Minute AMRAP
P1: Row 25/20 Calories
P2: AMRAP of
10 Thrusters (75/55)
16 Double KB racked Lunge steps (alternating)
(pick up where you left off)