- Thanksgiving is upon us! Join us for a super fun holiday workout this Thursday! 
- Check Frontdesk for updated holiday class times. 

2x10(each side)
Single Leg Glute bridge
Side shuffle
Close stance squat
FR Cossack Squat (light KB)

Extra Warm
2xME Toes to bar (Set #1: MUST BE until kip fatigues. Set #2 until absolute failure)
Rest 1 Minutes between sets

Every 2.5MOM for 5 Rounds
5 Back Squat @ 100% of heaviest 10RM
(no 10rm? Pick a weight that is moderate for 5 reps and hold for 5 sets)

12 Minute AMRAP
30 Abmat Sit-up
10 Single Arm KB Front Racked step-up(Right leg) (kb goes in opposite arm to step up leg)
10 Single Arm KB Front Racked step-up(left leg)

1:30 Plank hold
Rest 1 Minute
45 Second plank (45/25)
Rest 45 sec
45 Second plank (45/25