To everyone that came over last night to participate in the open: I am humbled to be a part of the phenomenal community we have created. Watching you guys lay it all out was nothing short of inspiring and I am so excited to share this Open season with you. 

If you didn't get an opportunity to finish the workout yet and would still like to do so, please join us on Sunday between 11am and 1pm. This is an open gym specifically for 17.1. If you want to cheer your friends on or redo the workout, bring it on. Otherwise...see you Monday. 

To those of you who haven't done it yet. You need to choose a team on your profile. Also, don't forget to log your scores on the games website ASAP. If you don't get it in by Monday at 8pm, it doesn't count. There's always one guy(josh) that forgets. 

Snatch Warm-Up

none. It's max out day!!!

1 Rep Max Snatch
1 Rep Max Clean and Jerk
Class is going to 100% run over on time. Be aware of that. There is no 11:30 option. Max outs are during class tomorrow only.