- There are still a bunch of you who haven't put in your scores. GET IT DONE!! RIGHT NOW. You're at a computer looking at this post. Do it now. Seriously. 
- This Friday will be the last workout of the Open. Muy triste, I know. We will be celebrating all of your hard work this weekend in Downtown JC at whatever place you guys can agree on. Let's get strange...sort of. 
- We will be starting a 6 week challenge for non gym members starting March 27th to May 13. This will effect some of the class schedule,  specifically bootcamp and 4pm Friday. Please check the schedule for more details(soon, not right now). 

Power Clean and Jerk Warm-up

2 Rep Max Bench Press

5 Rounds for time
10 Ring Dip
4(1+2) Power Clean and Jerk complexes (185/125) one rep is one power clean, two jerks
10 Toes to bar

3 Rounds 45 sec stations
Flutter Kick
Russian Twist
Abmat Sit-up