This week until May 13, we will be hosting a 6 week fitness challenge for nonmembers. They will be learning the ropes of Crossfit and working on jumpstarting their fitness. If you see someone you don't know, introduce yourself and make them feel welcome. While the schedule will be mostly unaffected, there are some classes that will be replaced with the challenge. The hours are below
Monday/Wednesday: 7pm
Tuesday/Thursday: 6:30am
These classes are specifically for challenge members and regular members are not permitted to enter into classes with them. I understand that this may change some of your scheduling with your existing class hours so if you have any questions please contact me directly. 

Bootcamp has been taken off the schedule indefinitely. Please adjust your schedules accordingly. 

800 Meter Run (casual pace)
Tabata Thrusters (empty bar)

20 Minutes to...
Warm up to 1RM Thruster
when you find it..
1RM Front Squat
1xME @ 80%

Mega pump
5 Rounds NFT
ME Strict Pull-up
10 Bent Over Row
12 Bicep curls
Rest as needed

Every 2.5 Minutes for 5 Rounds
3+2Power Clean From a Deficit + Front Squat @ 7 RPE

Every 2.5 Minutes for 4 Rounds
3 Clean Extension from deficit [RPE 8]

4xME Strict Ring Dip+ Tricep Extension