200 Meter Overhead Walk (100M w/ left, 100M w/ right)

Every 2:30 Minutes for 4 Rounds
5-10 Wide grip Pull-up (aim for chest to bar as much as possible)
sub banded pull-ups(10 should be an absolute struggle)
If you can get 10, attempt more weight. The goal is 10 every set, not heavier.

15 Minutes to find..
5 Rep Max Puish Press
then...3x ME set @ 90%

Partner WOD!
20 minute AMRAP
Teams of 3: you go, i go, elephant walk style:
20 wall balls
15 box jumps
20 dumbbell snatches(alternating)
ME Calorie Row until tagged out by partner

at 10 box jumps, partner 2 starts his round of 20,15,10. Goal is to catch partner 1/2/3.