Everyone get ready for the next 12 weeks! In our next cycle of strength development, we will be putting heavy emphasis on pressing, specifically the handstand push-up and Jerk, while developing some lower half strength using the Gayle Hatch cycle. Full participation in this cycle requires that folks be present on Monday for the regular workout and Thursday during weightlifting(7pm). This is an EXTREMELY challenging cycle but there's an opportunity for great leg strength development. 

Here's how we are going to run the Hatch cycle: If you have a KNOWN heavy single for your front and back squat, you can use the percentages as instructed. Come in with your numbers on paper or in your phone, tattooed on you or whatever. Our class time is not for doing math. Do that shit at home. 

If you have: no intention of showing up for BOTH classes for all 12 weeks, don't know your percentages, or generally don't care to squat that much, you can still get great development from the cycle. Everyone who falls In this category will be lifting by feel. Basically. You will be going relatively heavy for all sets for both the back squat and front squat. As this will be your only opportunity to squat in the week, I suggest you take advantage of it to get the most of it. 

The rest of the lifting will be done either by feel or using the percentages from the day's work. This is so that newer folks don't feel lost or bogged down with numbers, members who want to push a little bit harder can do so, and you can still work out without feeling left behind if the summer takes over your life. Let's have some fun and get into it. 

Side note: Once a week, there will be a day of dedicated weightlifting skill. I know this isn't the most fun for some but I encourage everyone to try and come in for them. Weightlifting is a skill that requires lots of practice and with a little bit of extra attention, can serve you for making your WOD times better(= better fitness). 

- MORNING CLASSES ARE NOW 5:15 AND 6:15AM. If you show up at 5:30 tomorrow morning, you will be extremely late for class.

5 Minute AMRAP (warm-up is to be done with no weightlifting shoes)
8/8 Single leg glute bridges
8/8 clam shells
8 Air squat (3 second descent, feet straight ahead)

Every 2:30
Back Squat
1x10 @ 60%
1x8 @ 70%
1x6 @ 75%
1x4 @ 80%
Front Squat
1x5 @ 60%
3x5 @ 70%
30 Minutes

Jumping Squat
RussianKettlebell Swing (24/16kg)
Box Jump (24/20)
12 Minute Cap