Weekly Announcements: 
- A few of us are planning on doing the October 8th Tough Mudder in Englishtown. If you've had an itch to get a mud race in then join team Crossfit Bayonne! 
- The Team series is upon us. Don't feel like paying Crossfit HQ 40 bucks? Who does? But you're doing the workouts Friday Night so... you better find a partner. We will be creating in house leaderboards so we can still talk trash on each other and figure out who's the fittest team in the gym. Game on. oh.. and there will be additional rankings for best team name so think hard. 
- There have been questions about how the workouts will be structured for the Team Series. For now the answer is "I don't know" because it is largely based on how many workouts there are, and what we will need to accomplish them. We will more than likely have a "Open style" setup where teams will sign up for heats. More information will be had when the WODs are released. You guys worry about awesome team names, I'll do the other stuff. 
- We ran out of FitAid. I will be ordering cases of Fitaid at noon. If anyone would like to purchase a case(or 20) wholesale from me you can save a little bit more than if you buy them from FitAid. Each Case is $55 and the FitAid Fuel case is $65. Just Venmo me the payment and let me know which case you want in the payment details. Orders go out today. 

Every Minute for 12 Minutes
Min 1: 8 Push-Ups (2020)
Min 2: 6 Arnold Press(each side) (30X0)
Min 3: 15 Second SA Ring Row Hold

5X3(3101)+ME Neutral grip Pull-Ups (false grip)
Rest 90 seconds between sets, add weight if over 10 reps

5 Rounds, 1 Minute Stations
Hang Dumbbell Clean
Kettlebell Snatch(5 left, 5 right)
Double Unders