- RP strength challenge is ready to go!
Step 1: Choose your destiny: Select a Template from the following list and use the code 2018bayonne20.  Need a hand? Shoot me a message or see me in the gym. 
Step 2: I will invite you to a facebook group: Pretty self explanatory. 
Step 3: Saturday at 12 we will have a brief meeting going over any type of big questions you guys may have regarding anything involving the templates, planning or execution. 
Step 4: Sunday is prep day. Monday is day 1. 
Step 5: Success

2 Minutes: Single Unders
3 Rounds
7 Push-Up (2020)
5 Single Arm Ring Row (20X2)
3 Strict Toes Through Rings (50X0)

Extra Warm
1 Set ME TTB(until kip goes)

15 Minutes to find..
3 Rep Max Bench Press
EMOM for 12 Minutes
4 Bench Press @ 80% of 3RM
X toes to bar (60%) of ME (if you were unable to complete sets from last weeks attempt, stay at last week's set numbers)

Double Under

Weightlifting Club
E2MOM for 4 Rounds
3 Hang Snatches (power position) 70%

E2MOM for 5 Rounds
3(1+1) Snatch Pull to hip +Snatch 80%

E2.5MOM for 4 Rounds
3 Pause Snatch Extensions 90%