Power Clean+ Power Jerk Warm-Up

Extra Warm
ME set of Toes to Bar(until Kip fails)

Warm up to a medium/heavy 3 Rep Power Jerk( from the floor)
EMOM for 12 Rounds: alternating
Odd: 3 Power Jerks (add weight each round. Last round should be maximal)
Even: 60% toes to bar(if you missed reps last week, stick to the same rep scheme from then)

3 Rounds
15 Power Clean + Jerk (115/75)
25 Burpees

Finisher:(on your own)
4x12 Back Extension +20 second superman hold

Weightlifting Club
E2MOM for 5 Rounds
2 Hang Snatches (power position) 70%(add weight if possible)

E2MOM for 5 Rounds
2(1+1) Snatch Pull to hip +Snatch 80%(add weight if possible)

E2.5MOM for 4 Rounds
3 Floating Extensions 95%