- 2018 is upon us! Check out whats coming up this first quarter at CFB. 
- We have had a GREAT response about the upcoming nutrition challenge(10 of 15 people already enrolled). If you would like to get involved please let me know ASAP so we can get this thing rolling. Details ^^^. 
- I am ordering another batch of Lurong Living Paradigm Protein this evening. If you would like to get in one the order, please let me know. Each bag is $55. 

3 Rounds
10 Sumo Stance Good Morning into BTN Push Press (45/35)
10 Box Jump(short enough so knees are basically locked out on landing)
5 Upside down air squats(33X1)

Extra Warm
1 set ME Kipping HSPU(until fatigue)

EMOM for 12 Minutes(alternating reps)
Odd: 60% HSPU
Even: 13 Russian KB Swing(challenging for 13)

6 Rounds
15/12 Calorie Row
12 Push-Up
7 Power Jerk(something that can be done unbroken, but is challenging for reps 7-8)