Partner Warm-Up
2 Rounds per partner
P1: 10 Push-Ups
P2: Single arm Ring Row Hold(left hand)
switch sides with P1: performing another side of reps
P1: 15 Ring Rows
P2: Handstand Hold (toes and nose)

ME CTB Pull-up(until you lose kip) (sub finding a set of difficult 10 banded pull-up)
ME HSPU (add 2" deficit to last week's height if over 10 reps)

Every 90 seconds for 12 Rounds
Odd: HSPU (65% of ME)
Even: CTB(65% of ME)

AND THEN(again)
45 sec ME Burpee
EMOM for 8 Minutes 80% ME Burpee

4x400 Meter Row sprints
1:1.5 Work rest (if it takes you two minutes, rest for 3. Just multiple your time by 1.5, don't overthink it.)