500 Meter Row
3 Rounds each side
8 Single Arm Swing to-high Pull
8 Single Arm Push Press
8 Corkscrew Squat
(start easy on the kb weight, move up to medium for rounds 2,3)

Extra Hot
ME Chest to bar Pull-Up(until kip fails)

EMOM 12(alternating Rounds)
Odd: Chest to bar Pull-Up(60% of ME)
Even: 3 Overhead Squat(heavy, add weight across all sets)

10 Kettlebell Snatch(L)
10 Overhead Walking Lunge(Left arm left leg steps forward)
10 Kettlebell Snatch(R)
10 Overhead Walking Lunge(Right arm Right leg forward)
25 Wall Ball (goal is unbroken for all rounds)

Single Arm Bent over Row(20X2)