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Before you read the workout:
Today is a once a year type situation. We will be testing maxes in three lifts IN ORDER in which you read. Classes are regular hours but it is likely that in order to warm up appropriately and find a total, you will need slightly more than the hour. With that said, here are some STRONGLY SUGGESTED guidelines so that we can have a successful day.

- Wear a costume.
- Figure out what your last year’s total was. Not your heaviest back squat ever or deadlift ever. Compare apples to apples.
- Come in early and work your mobility woes out. bonus if you can simultaneously do that and cheer people on for smashing lifts.
- Do the warm-up when you’re ready. Class times are loose and as long as there is an open rack and you have done the warm-up, you can start squatting.
- People in class: you must be off the squat rack (squat and press) by the end of YOUR HOUR. You can warm up your deadlift after the hour has ended but you should be working your way through it by the end of that class hour.
- Let’s do the damn thing.

5 Rounds
3 Strict Pull-Up (sub cross strap ring row with slow descent)
5 Push-up into down dog
7 Air Squat( jumping air squat from rounds 3, on)
9 Russian Swings (add weight to each set of swings)

Crossfit Total
1 Rep Max
Back Squat
Shoulder Press