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500 Meter Row
3 Rounds each side
10 Windmills
10 OH Forward Lunges (contralateral)
10 Half Kneeling Press (contralateral)
10 SA Corkscrew/overhead squat
*go through all movements on one side first, then switch arms


EMOM for 9 Rounds
1-3: 6 T&G Hang Muscle Snatch @ 60% of 1RM Hang Muscle Snatch
4-6: 6 T&G Hang Power Snatch @ 70% of 1RM HMS
7-9: 6 T&G Hang Snatch @ 80% of 1RM HMS

1000 Meter Row Sprint
Rest 3 Minutes
6x250 @ 1/4 1000M row Time
Goal is same as last week, hold a pace and stay consistent.
Rest 30 seconds between attempts

3x10 Kneeling Behind the neck Press (slow descent)