- You will notice that there are some boxes in the front of the gym. Ximena would like to ask everyone to, in this time of need, look through your closet and consider donating a coat, sweatshirt, or the like to the less fortunate. If you’d like, leave whatever you can spare in those boxes. Many thanks.
- 8:30 is now added to the schedule. Swear.

1/2 mile bike
2 Rounds
10 Windmills
10 OH Forward Lunges (contralateral)
10 Half Kneeling Press (contralateral)
10 SA Corkscrew/overhead squat
*go through all movements on one side first, then switch arms
Hang Snatch (muscle/power/full) Warm-Up

EMOM for 9 Rounds
1-3: 7 T&G Hang Muscle Snatch @ 60% of 1RM Hang Muscle Snatch
4-6: 7 T&G Hang Power Snatch @ 70% of 1RM HMS
7-9: 7 T&G Hang Snatch @ 80% of 1RM HMS

2 Mile Bike TT
6x .5 Mile Bike @ average Mile pace.