400 Meter Run
2 Rounds
10 Kneeling BTN Snatch Grip Press (slow descent)
10 Pec Front Squat (3 second descent)
10 Single Arm KB SDLHP (per hand)
Hang Muscle Snatch/ hang power Snatch/ hang snatch review

8 Minutes to warm up to…
1RM Hang Muscle Snatch (with hook grip+ body contact)
EMOM for 9 Rounds
1-3: 5 T&G Hang Muscle Snatch @ 60% of 1RM HMS
4-6: 5 T&G Hang Power Snatch @ 70% of 1RM HMS
7-9: 5 T&G Hang Snatch @ 80% of 1RM HMS

800 Meter sprint
rest 4 Minutes
6x200 Meter Run
*goal is to maintain 800 meter Sprint pace across all 6 sets
rest 1 minute between attempts
(Suzie’s 800 meter sprint was 3:54 seconds. that’s 234 seconds. to make things easy, divide the total seconds by 4(58.5 seconds) and that will be your 200 meter split time.

3x10 Kneeling BTN Snatch Grip Press (slow, torturous descent, add weight if possible)