- Please join us for a holiday celebration this Saturday at
Hudson Hall in Downtown Jersey City. Party starts at 8:30PM(in the evening) and all are welcome!

EMOM x 12 Minutes
1. 40 seconds of jump rope work (no singles or double unders allowed)
2. 12 + 12 Single Arm Dumbbell Press (each side)
3. 12 Bent over row (barbell)
4. ME L Hang (fight to the bottom of your hold) Minimum hold= 15 seconds. sub spotted L.

EMOM for 10 Minutes
1-8: 5 Push Press (from the floor)
9-10: 3 Push Press
goal is to end slightly heavier than last week for sets of 5, and two big sets of 3 at the end.

15 Minute AMRAP
ME double Under
Every break perform one round of..
5 Shoulder to overhead (185/125)
10 Plyo Push-Up/10 Chest to bar Pull-Up (alternate rounds)
Rest as needed between rounds