- Didn’t get Time to sign up for class? Just show up anyway. It’s Christmas and this workout will be fun.
- Merry Christmas to all! Make sure you are checking out the schedule for both Christmas Eve and New Year’s eve.
- Getting into the gym around the holidays is tough. All the food and drinks paired with traveling all over the state(s) to see family, and just wanting to relax for a while. In that light, we will be departing from our regularly scheduled fitness program to just do some classic Crossfit through this week and the next.

Silliness and the clean warm-up

Extra Warm
15 Minutes to…
Work up to a heavy clean double for the day

1 Front Squat
2 Cleans (80% of max double for the day)
3 Deadlifts
4 Bar Facing Burpees
5 Toes to bar (unbroken)
6 Chest to bar Pull-Ups
7 Sumo Sandbag Skwats
8 Box Jumps (30/24)
9 Dumbbell Lunge (each side)
10 Bike Calories
11 Dumbbell Push Press (each side)
1200M Row
Performed in the way the “12 days of Christmas” is sung.
It takes however long it takes. Probably a good 25-30 minutes. Who could say?