3 Rounds
12 Gymnastic Ring Row
12 Push-Up (2020)
12 Pec Front Squat (30X0)

25 Minutes of continuous work structured as follows…
ME Back Squat @ 80% (choose an amount of reps that are tough, no failure), REST
2 Pull-ups; REST; 4 Pull-ups; REST; 6 Pull-ups; REST
Max Hollow Hold (to failure) REST
40 Hollow Hold flutters, Rest
Hollow Hold (to failure), Rest
40 Hollow hold flutters, Rest
6 Pull-ups; REST; 4 Pull-ups; REST; 2 Pull-ups, rest, repeat
Each set of rest= 30 seconds to 1 Minute
Sub spotted pull-up, all pull-ups are strict
* spotted pull-uppers NEED to work with a partner to achieve their reps. You cannot count on one coach running around to spot everyone.

3x 90 second AMRAP of
forward lunges (40% of 1RM back squat)
rest 3 minutes between rounds

4x10 Barbell Rollouts