3 Rounds
100 meter Run
1 Hollow Lower
3 Gymnastic Ring Row Slow descent
5 Kips/swings

Extra Warm
Tabata Partner Hollow Rocks
5 Rounds each, 20 seconds on, 10 off, alternating.

Odd:  10-8-6-3-2-1 Bench press
Even: 5 Strict Chin-Up(add weight if possible)


Bodweight Fran
Chest to bar Pull-up(sub gymnastic ring row+kip)

Weightlifting Club
Every 2.5MOM for 4 rounds
2(2+2) Power Clean + Push Press(from heaviest clean and jerk) 65%-add weight if easy

Every 2.5MOM for 4 rounds
3(1+1+1) Hang Clean(above the knee)+ jerk dip hold(3 count)+ Pause Jerk(3 count in receiving position) 78%

E2.5MOM for 4 rounds
3 Clean Pull to hip (slow decent) 82%