-2 DAYS!!!!!!! Friday Night lights 2018 begins! We will be selecting teams Friday at 6pm and the workouts will begin at 6:30. If you would like to participate in the workouts, be on a team, but not sign up for the open YOU CAN. We want CFB community fun, not just signing up for the Open. The signup sheet is in the gym, on the table. Just put your name down.

- All throughout February: If you bring in a friend, they pay 100 dollars for a single, no contract, unlimited month of Crossfit and YOU get 50% off your March Dues. Its the month of love. 

Pre Warm-Up
2 Rounds w a hip circle above the knee
12 Glute Bridge
12 Clam Shells(each side)
12 Air Squats
4 Minute AMRAP
8 Jumping Squat
4 Burpee

Extra Warm
5 Rounds each, 25 sec on, 15 Seconds off. Alternating partners

15 Minutes to warm up to...
Heavy triple Back Squat

4 Rounds for time
12 Back Squat (50% of 3RM)
400 Meter Run