- Join us this evening as we huddle around the computer and watch Dave Castro systematically put us in a position to question our own self worth. The announcement of 18.1 starts at 8pm. Please be respectful of the class that will be going on at that time. 

-1 DAY. Friday Night lights 2018 begins! We will be selecting teams Friday at 6pm and the workouts will begin at 6:30. If you would like to participate in the workouts, be on a team, but not sign up for the open YOU CAN. We want CFB community fun, not just signing up for the Open. The signup sheet is in the gym, on the table. Just put your name down.

- All throughout February: If you bring in a friend, they pay 100 dollars for a single, no contract, unlimited month of Crossfit and YOU get 50% off your March Dues. Its the month of love. 

Line Drills

Handstands (spotters: learning to let go. Don't get emotional.)

12 Minutes to find..
3 Rep Max Strict Press

Recovery speed: 80%ish 2k Row

Use today as an opportunity to get some recovery done, work on some skills, and flush your legs out. There should be enough time for some ROMWOD at the end of class so if you're good...we can do that. 

Weightlifting Club
E2MOM x 4
3+3 Muscle Snatch+ overhead Squat(68%) I'll let you know if you can go up. No hook grip, no body contact

E2MOMx 4 Rounds
3 Hang Power Snatch(below the knee)+ 2 second pause in catch into overhead squat @ 70%-75%(do not exceed 75%)

E2.5MOM x  5
3 Pause Snatch(below the knee) @ 82%

E2x.5MOM x 4
3 Snatch Pull to hip  w/ slow descent(85%)