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Line Warm-up

Extra Hot
Tabata armadillo drills
5 Rounds each, alternating armadillos

The gymnastics Ring Row
Every 90 Seconds for 12 Rounds
Odd: 5 Ring Row (slow descent, pause at the top)
Even: 3 Push Press (add weight each round)
Rest as needed

4 Rounds
10 Shoulder to overhead* (unbroken)
20 Ball Slams
Rest as needed between sets.
* start with a manageable weight and then continuously add weight to each round. 

Weightlifting Club
Every 2.5MOM for 4 rounds
2(2+2) Power Clean + Push Press(from heaviest clean and jerk) 60-65%

Every 2.5MOM for 4 rounds
3(1+1+1) Hang Clean(above the knee)+ jerk dip hold(3 count)+ Pause Jerk(3 count in receiving position) 75%

E2.5MOM for 4 rounds
3 Clean Pull to hip (slow decent) 80%