New News: 
- Delayed opening! Morning classes will be cancelled. PM classes are business as usual. 

- Spring Cleaning is upon us. Everyone has until the end of today to search for and remove their random stuff from the gym. This includes: weightlifting shoes, wraps, hoodies etc... there are still weightlifting items in the gym. Please don't make me throw them out. 

Old News: 
- While the month of love is over, any member who refers a friend or new person will receive 50% off their next month's membership and that new person will get 50% off their first! Love. 
- The attendance situation on Saturday has become a bit of an issue. Anyone who has not enrolled in class will be asked to wait until 11am. 
- It saddens me to say, but March 29th will be the last scheduled weightlifting club class. In true weightlifting fashion we will have a max out for both the snatch and clean and jerk. All are welcome in the celebration. Mark your calendars. 

In light of Dave Casto's recent post, we will be doing things a little differently today. Based on what the three options are for 18.5, we will construct a workout to provide the best possible preparation for tomorrow. Come in ready to win. 

Weightlifting Club
10 Minutes to work up to...
1+1Muscle Snatch+ Overhead Squat
E2MOM for 5 Rounds
2+2 @ 85%

E2MOM x 4 Rounds
2 Hang Snatch (below the knee)(80%)

EMOM for 10 Minutes
1 Snatch 85%^ AHAP