New News: 
- Let's celebrate the open together! Join us Saturday night at 9:30 at Barcade in Jersey City. 
- This will be our last Open workout of the year. In the spirit of the open, consider joining us in the workout at 6:30pm. Let's finish this workout together!!

Old News: 
- While the month of love is over, any member who refers a friend or new person will receive 50% off their next month's membership and that new person will get 50% off their first! Love. 
- The attendance situation on Saturday has become a bit of an issue. Anyone who has not enrolled in class will be asked to wait until 11am. 

3 Rounds
1 Hollow Lower
5 Second Hollow
5 Gymnastic Ring Rows
10 Air Squats
2 Rounds
10 Empty Bar Thrusters
5 Kips

Game time
7 Minute AMRAP
Thruster (100/65)
Chest to bar Pull-Up