New News: 
- Hell week is in full swing. Read more here about our upcoming cycle
- Tonight is the second to last meeting of the weightlifting club. Join us as we end an era in style. 

Old News: 
- While the month of love is over, any member who refers a friend or new person will receive 50% off their next month's membership and that new person will get 50% off their first! Love. 
- The attendance situation on Saturday has become a bit of an issue. Anyone who has not enrolled in class will be asked to wait until 11am. 

3 Rounds 
10 SA bent over row
10 banded glute bridge SA bench press
20 Russian Swings

Hollow Push-Up Position Review and scaling the ring dip
work up to:
set of 10 weighted push-up

3RM bench

Power Clean (185/125)
Ring Dip

Weightlifting Club
1 Rep Max Power Snatch (2 misses)

1 Rep Max Power clean+ power jerk (2 Misses)