- This evening! Open announcement 18.3 will be on at 8pm. Come and watch it with the gang! 

Thursday vibes: Thursday, for the gym, has always been approached a little differently than other training days. The idea was always to pull the intensity back a little and focus on skills that we don't practice as often, but will help in the overall quest to well rounded fitness. They might not always be fun but one might argue that they are necessary for taking your exercise game to the next level. Thursday is also typically the quietest day of the week. It could be because folks are generally beat up from the first half of the week or because the workouts themselves lack the same sparkle as the other days but I'm here to say that Thursdays are great. 

The formula has always been: Mechanics, consistency, intensity. In that order. If fitness comes from intensity(meaning heavy weight and fast workouts) and you can't truly be intense without first mastering the mechanic of a given movement and then performing it consistently well, we could only assume that your fitness may be held back by a lack of practice, not effort. Heavy stuff for a Wednesday evening post.

Point is, fitness is not and never will be only all about the stuff that you love to do or is exciting to you. Often times its the "boring" shit we avoid that's the exact reason we don't get better at the stuff we actually enjoy doing. But getting better at your hobby really isn't that boring. 

I hope everyone had a great 1/3 snow day. See you in the gym. 

3 Rounds
3 V-Up(1 second hold at the top)+ 1 Hollow Lower(slow as possible)
5 Cossack Squat* (each side, not alternating)
7 Behind the neck Press (go from standing, to half squat, to full squat if mobility allows
* after the completion of each round, make the cossack more challenging: to the back rack to the front rack w/ barbell, then overhead
10 Minutes to practice...
Spotted Handstand holds

3 Rep Max Overhead Squat

Every 90 seconds for 6 Rounds
5 CTB Pull Up(sub gymnastic ring Row)
6 Dumbbell Snatches (alternating arms each round)
6 Overhead Squats (alternating arms each round)

Work up to a heavy complex of...
1+1 Muscle Snatch+ Hang Snatch (power position)
Every 75 seconds for 7 rounds
2(1+1) @ 85% of Max
15 Minutes to find
3 Rep power Snatch (from the floor)
Every Minute for 7 Minutes
1 Power Snatch @ 90% of 3RM