30 Single Unders
30 single Unders (left leg only)
30 single Unders (right leg only)
30 single Unders
3 Rounds
5 Single Arm Ring Row
10 RDL (whatever bar you deadlift with)
10 Reverse lunges (bar in front rack)

Extra warm
4 Rounds each: 
30 seconds on, 10 seconds to switch

Our strength cycle is easy to follow. It is based off of your 3RM numbers from last week. If you do not have an existing 3RM from last week(read: current) you will need to get one. No debates. The last set is out "max out" set. For the set you are to perform as many reps as possible without failing. That means you should leave 1-2 reps in the tank. For each week of the 3 week microcycle, the percentage changes, but the goal is still the same. Keep track of your numbers from week to week so you have a continuing goal for performance. At the end of 85%, we are adding an additional hypertrophy(thiqueness) set for those who want to get a quick pump. If you lack muscle in an area, you should do this set, if you don't want to do it, thats totally fine. It's there as quick additional work. 


E2MOM for 5 Rounds: Deadlift
Round 1: 65% x 5 reps
Rounds 2: 75% x 5 reps
Rounds 3: 85% x AMRAP(minimum:5)
Round 4: (If doing Round 5) rest
Optional Round 5: 
@30% of 3RM
30 reps with as little rest as possible

5 Rounds
8 Burpee
12 Power Cleans (115/80)
16 Reverse FR lunges

4 days out of the week there will be an optional accessory. They take 5-8 minutes to accomplish and will greatly improve your overall performance. It is entirely up to you whether or not you want to do it but is suggested. Each accessory builds on itself from week to week over the course of 3 weeks and then changes as the strength cycle rotates. 

4x15 RDL(40% of 3RM) (shake your arms out)+ME bent over Row(reverse grip)(failure)