New News: 
- This Saturday we will be venturing to Crossfit Klew to participate in their annual local hero workout, "Appuzio." This will be our third year going and as always we would love to have a great showing. If you intend on dropping in this weekend, please send Klew an email confirming your arrival(sooner rather than later) so they can get heats and numbers squared away.
Addition: On Saturday: Klew will be writing a check for 50% of their in store purchases towards the Appuzio foundation. Show up ready to get some swag. 

3 Rounds
1 Hollow Lower+ 10 second hollow hold
3+3 Step Down (3 second descent) 
5 Box Jumps (goal is to land on box with straight legs)

Extra Hot
10 Minutes to find: 
3 rep seated box Jump

E2MOM for 5 Rounds: Back Squat
1: 75% x 5 reps
2: 85% x 3 reps
3: 95% x 1 or more reps
4: Rest
5: 30% x 30 Reps

10 Rounds
5 Suitcase Step up (right) choose a weight that will not be enjoyable
5 Suitcase Step up (left)
2 Hang Clean (225/155)

50 Kettlebell Swings(unbroken and heavy)