New News:
Starting this Saturday: Classes will be 9:30 and 10:30. Rules still apply to signing up for class. If there is overflow you will be asked to wait until 10:30. 

Hang Power Clean Review

Hip mobility

*A new mini cycle begins! To continue progress within the next weeks we will be adding weight to your existing training maxes. Each of the presses will receive a 5 pound increase and the squat and deadlift will receive 10. Example: Susie Squatted 150lbs for 3 and has been going off of that weight. She will now be using 160 pounds as her 3RM number and finding all of her percentages off of that. If you did not complete 2 or more of the 3 weeks of a lift, do not add weight. If you failed any of the maxes(not hit minimum goal) do not add weight. The order of the lifts in the week have changed and we have changed the accessory work for the next 3 weeks. Let's get to it! 

E2MOM for 5 Rounds: Back Squat
1: 65% x 5 reps
2: 75% x 5 reps
3: 85% x 5 or more reps
4: Rest
5: 25% x 3 x10 Jumping Back Squat  (alternating with your partner

Every 2:30 Minutes for 6 Rounds
200 Meter Run
7 Deadlift (135/95)
6 Hang Power Clean
5 Front Squat

3x15 Reverse Lunge Step (off deficit)