New News
- Another Earth Fed Muscle order is going out this Wednesday. If you would like to get in, take a look at their offerings and Venmo me your items(less 10%) in the details. 

3 Rounds for quality
2 Turkish get-up (per side)
3 Strict Pull-Up (sub spotted strict Pull-up)
5 Push-Up (2202)

1: 70% x 3 reps
2: 80% x 3 reps
3: 90% x 3 or more reps
4: Rest
5: 30% x 30 Reps (pump)

Beat the clock!
The rules are simple: Workout starts as an EMOM format but if you get swallowed up by the clock, it turns into an AMRAP. The goal: don't get swallowed up. 
Every minute for 12 Rounds
6 Pull-Up (sub 10 jumping pull-ups)
5 Burpee
20 Double Unders

4xME Banded tricep extensions