Deload week! We will spend the next 5 days actively recovering from the last 6 weeks of training. Workouts should be executed at a slower pace with an emphasis on moving well. We're also backing off the 4 main lifts for the week. 

New News:
- Classes will be cancelled this Saturday, May 19. 

4 Rounds for quality
Row 10/8 Calories (increase pace with each set)
10 Side Plank Rotation(per side)
8 Box Step up and over (alternating, add weight each round)
6 Two hand Dumbbell bent over Row +5 second Hold @ top

5 Rep max Front Squat

5 Rounds: Smooth, continuous work. No Sprinting. NFT
12 Dumbbell Snatch (choose weight) 6 Box Jump (Tall, step down)
12 Wall Balls
Rest 1 Minute