New News! 
- This Saturday! Kim aka Kimbo Slice aka Kimye West would like to invite us all to Dave and Busters(Woodbridge) for some steak in an arcade setting. Bring your quarters because someone is going down in Time Crisis. Bet on it. 

2 Rounds
10 dumbbell deadlift
10 Back Extension
30 Second Plank
Power Clean Warm-Up

E2MOM for 3 Rounds
Round 1: 70% x 3 reps
Round 2: 80% x 3 reps
Round 3: 90% x 3 or more reps
then...8 Minutes
3x ME Sandbag Deadlift
Rest as needed

Partner Workout! 
16 Minute AMRAP: 1 person works, 1 person rests
12 Russian Swings (as heavy as you can manage for an unbroken set of 12)
8 Toes to bar
4 Power Clean (225/155)
1 Banded Sprint

4x15 Dumbbell Side bends (each side)