New News:
- Please excuse our appearance as we repair the hot water heater issue that sprung up yesterday morning. While the bathroom is operational, it will be wet for a few days. Thanks for your patience and we apologize for the temporary mess. 
- Run Club meets tonight at 8pm at the track. Be there!

"My Name Is" warm-Up

E2MOM for 3 Rounds:
Bench Press
1: 70% x 3 reps
2: 80% x 3 reps
3: 90% x 3 or more reps
E2MOM for 5 Rounds
5 Strict CTB Pull-Up (1 second hold at the top, slow descent)

EMOM for 12 Minutes
7 Pull-Ups
7 Thrusters (75/55)
7 Burpees
*If you hit the minute per round cap, the workout turns into an amrap.

4x15 Hammer Curl