- In celebration of our 5 Year anniversary we will be RAGING, this Saturday, at SouthHouse in Downtown Jersey City. Party starts at 9:30 unless anyone wants to get food beforehand. Dinner Starts at 9PM because I know you lazy asses won't get there until 10:15 anyway. 

2 Rounds
100 Meter double overhead Walk (2 light dumbbells/kettlebells)
10 Medball Power Cleans (slam ball)
5 Overhead Throws (same slam ball)
20 Russian Twists (unweighted)
Power Jerk (no foot movement) warm-up/review

15 Minutes to find
3 Rep max No foot power Jerk(3 count pause in receiving position)
Every 90 seconds for 4 Rounds
3 No foot Power Jerks @ 85% of 3RM (maintain 3 count pause in receiving position)

Every 3 Minutes for 8 Rounds
Odd: 400 Meter Sprint
Even: 500 Meter Row
Rest is earned. If you overlap, scale the run/row distance so you finish with a minute to spare.